Sedation Dentistry Services

Sedation dentistry is a relatively new type of dentistry gaining popularity for its convenience and speed. Whether you don’t like the physical sensations of getting your teeth cleaned or are anxious about oral pain, sedation is a viable option that helps alleviate anxiety during a dental appointment. Look no further than The Perio Pocket - SD Implants & Aesthetics for sedation dentistry.

At The Perio Pocket - SD Implants & Aesthetics, we want our patients to have a relaxing visit but understand the anxiety many have surrounding dentistry. We can safely perform sedation dentistry for children, adults, and anxious patients.

Understanding Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry makes receiving dental treatment easier. No matter your concerns, sedation dentistry is suitable for treating all ages and oral health conditions and makes your appointment go by faster.

Dr. Carrillo administers a sedative of your choice, then performs your dental work. You’ll sleep peacefully throughout your dental appointment and feel no pain or uncomfortable sensations.

Sedation dentistry is best for patients suffering from:

  • A sensitive gag reflexes
  • Fear of needles, the dentist, or being enclosed in the dental chair
  • Dental anxiety
  • Muscle control problems

We also cater to those with special needs. If you or your loved one has physical, behavioral, or mental special needs requiring sedation, our professionals can administer IV or oral sedation.

Types of Sedation Dentistry

Depending on your procedure’s length, how anxious you are, and other factors, you can choose from different types of sedation, such as IV or oral sedation methods. Dr. Carrillo discusses your sedation needs at the beginning of your appointment to determine which is best for your treatment and comfort.

IV Sedation Dentistry

Intravenous (IV) sedation dentistry involves administering anti-anxiety drugs directly to the bloodstream before the procedure begins. Patients undergoing this process will also need local numbing treatment to eliminate pain. Most patients fall asleep with IV sedation dentistry.

After the numbing and anti-anxiety agents are active, your dentist starts the procedure. At The Perio Pocket - SD Implants & Aesthetics, Dr. Carrillo pays close attention to detail to your oral health and monitors your vitals like blood pressure and pulse rate to ensure your safety.

Oral Sedation Dentistry

Oral sedation dentistry is another safe dental procedure. Patients come in early and take an oral sedative before their appointment. Some dentists administer liquid oral sedation, while others offer it in pill form.

By the time your appointment arrives, you’ll feel very relaxed and sleepy. This conscious sedation means you’ll remain awake without anxiety or fear during your appointment. Since the sedative stays in your bloodstream for some time, you’ll need a ride back home and should not operate machinery following your appointment.

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