Gummy Smile Treatment

A gummy smile shows a large portion of your gums and can damage many patients’ self-confidence in San Diego, CA, and the surrounding areas. Many patients wonder if a gummy smile is reversible or treatable. Luckily, a skilled periodontist in San Diego can help.

At The Perio Pocket - SD Implants & Aesthetics, our team has significant experience in helping patients with excess gum tissue. Our periodontist, Dr. Carrillo, understands how a gummy smile can affect you and offers comprehensive treatments that improve your smile and oral health. Whether you’re looking for surgical treatment or want to avoid anesthesia, we have a solution for you.

Causes of a Gummy Smile

Extreme gingival display has many causes ranging from improper tooth development to medications. Potential causes include:

  • Your teeth not growing in enough or growing in too far
  • Your upper jaw is longer than it should be
  • Genetics
  • Lip hypermobility or an abnormally short upper lip
  • Medications causing gum overgrowth

At The Perio Pocket - SD Implants & Aesthetics, we begin with an initial consultation. We discuss your oral health history to determine the potential causes of your gummy smile and the best way to reverse or treat it.  We'll detail your options if you’re a good candidate for a gummy smile treatment.

Gummy Smile Treatment Costs

Depending on how much work you need, a gummy smile treatment may cost a few hundred dollars or several thousand. In addition, some treatments require multiple visits, while others require one.

Before we begin your treatment, we’ll go over costs and can help you determine which services your insurance will cover. Although some options are more affordable, you shouldn’t sacrifice your treatment to save money.

Treatments for Gummy Smiles

A gummy smile has multiple treatment options. You have many treatments to fit different budgets, from oral surgery to botox to veneers. Our periodontal specialists can help explain the benefits of each treatment so you can make an informed decision.

  • Gingivectomy: Gum contouring or removal is a fast and effective way to remove excess gum from the upper teeth. Your periodontist cuts away extra gum, leaving permanent results.
  • Orthodontics: Improper bite or jaw development may cause a gummy smile. Braces or Invisalign may restore their orientation and reduce gumminess.
  • Botox: If you want to hide your gummy smile, botox can help you control lip muscles. The botulinum toxin immobilizes the affected muscles.
  • Scaling and root planing: Root planing smooths over your teeth’s roots after plaque removal. These relatively affordable periodontal treatments can also alter your gum line.
  • Dental veneers: Getting veneers can cause an illusion that your teeth are bigger than their actual size. This permanent solution gives you a beautiful smile that looks natural and significantly offsets the amount of gum line showing.

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