Dental Grafting
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Receding gums may not seem like a significant issue, but the problem lies underneath. If periodontal disease disrupts your oral health or brushing too hard damages your gums, grafting may be right for you. Grafting services can help prevent tooth loss and restore oral health for those suffering from loose or retracted gums.

At The Perio Pocket - SD Implants & Aesthetics, Dr. Yvette Carrillo can perform grafting services to restore your smile and reduce the effects of periodontal disease. Whether you need gum or bone grafting, our team makes it possible. Dr. Carrillo provides compassionate, knowledgeable periodontal care with over seven years of dental expertise.

Gum Grafting

Gum grafting is a surgical procedure that fuses new soft tissue into your gums. Your periodontist uses oral tissue from your cheeks or the roof of your mouth and grafts it to your gum line. With the body’s natural restorative process, the graft grows into the original tissue and helps prevent further gum recession for a happier, healthier smile.

Soft tissue grafts are highly successful and come with minimal pain. You’ll recover quickly by following your periodontist’s instructions. At The Perio Pocket - SD Implants & Aesthetics, we can recommend an ideal routine to maintain your oral health after getting a gum graft.

Bone Grafting

Gum disease can also lead to bone and tooth loss. Your jawbone must maintain its structural integrity to be eligible for dental implants.

Dr. Carrillo can perform a bone graft if you want implants but have a decayed jawbone. This process requires filling the area with bone powder and bone from another part of the mouth in extreme cases.

The Perio Pocket - SD Implants & Aesthetics team knows that bone grafting offers several benefits. With help from our practice, you’ll get benefits such as:

  • Maintaining your initial bite
  • More options for replacing missing teeth with implants
  • Better fitting dentures
  • A long-lasting smile restoration
  • Preventing the jawbone from drooping

Sinus Bone Graft Surgery

Patients with reduced jawbone structures can get a sinus lift to make getting dental implants possible and easier. This procedure inserts a small amount of bone into the sinus cavity to facilitate more secure implantation. Before the procedure, your periodontist will determine the best location to take bone from, or they may opt for synthetic bone.

Our team keeps you comfortable before, during, and after your sinus bone graft surgery. After the procedure, you’ll receive antibiotics and instructions for a successful recovery.

Reasons to Choose Us for Grafting

The Perio Pocket - SD Implants & Aesthetics and Dr. Yvette Carrillo are your leading grafting experts when you need dental grafting in San Diego. With us, you’re in the best hands.

Choose us for:

  • A skilled, compassionate team of periodontal and dental experts
  • The latest treatment equipment and diagnostic technology
  • A comfortable, relaxing environment
  • Many years of experience performing grafts of all types

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